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The Single - Better Days

The writing of Better Days was based on Da-Ran growing up in a town alongside the river Mersey. Runcorn and it’s neighbour Widnes flank either side of the river and are connected by 2 grand bridges. In fact there’s a little cryptic writing within the lyrics as “the wideness from within” is reference to the origin of one of the towns names, that of Widnes (or wideness). The river widens out just after the old bridge and it’s thought the name Widnes is derived from this wideness in the river at that point. Sir Paul McCartney grew up near to this old bridge so that was the thought behind The Beatles type production in its sound. See if you can hear that Sgt. Pepper Sound as you take a listen. Please click on the “Contact” tab to see Da-Ran’s iTunes store and social media pages.

The Single - Lost Angels

Lost Angels was a song Da-Ran performed with his first band Above & Beyond back in the early nineties. It’s a song essentially about Angel Sharks and how they were fast becoming extinct in the 1980’s. Please click on the “Contact” tab to see Da-Ran’s iTunes store and social media pages


Check out Da-Ran on all major download platforms to listen to his great tunes. 👌👏👏👏


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